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Datafied process


We've rented out of your room film 3

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We've rented out of your room (photograph by me)


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Witness(photography taken by me)




In the interview I was first asked to choose one work to discuss. I chose the one which has been last for have an year, because this project can show my current main concept and the development process clearly.

I think since I was devoted into part 2, I have had the idea of focusing on the process more deeply in order to get further easier.


After talking about the project selected, the interviewer said he thought my work can remind him of John Cage. That is very helpful for the interview to go on cause I have a work based on music of John Cage, so then I showed him that video work. After discussion, he inspired me to move forward by reading John Cage’s essays Silence, and want to to get know about zen Buddhism. It’s really a nice chance for me to talk about my work as I was a little bit puzzled about how to develop before the interview.

Also talking about which pathway to go in ba course, what the tutor said gave a new overview about 4d and I hope to develop in the coming days with time and space, as well as light and shadow.

Portfolio Pre first week

In groups of three, my classmates and I did tried to prepare for the questions be given and answered each other by turn.

The questions are very objectively asking about the present situation and the development potential.

The one that I thought as a little bit hard to answer is how will you develop your work in the future.

For me, now I am in a situation criticizing my former work and have no access to know myself clearly.

So in the rest time of the day I hav the insights of how to move forward. As I have been fansinated by abstract art, especially colorfield painting for a long time, as well as I am interested in expression with digital media, so I got to think about combining the two directions.

Then I have the answer which is I will update my work through the form of breaking the media limits in the field using zen Buddhism.

The rather easy one to answer is about choose one project to discuss. For me , the most important project is the one which has taken for almost have a year. The reason is that the three stages of this project are very clearly show both my development and difficulties.

It’s important for me to prepare well in order not be limited by the lackness of knowing myself. Also, it’s a good opportunity to get myself further in the current situation and have a summary of the time since the beginning of the foundation as well.


Datafied crit

 In the crit we talk about our work in groups of three, it’s a good chance to learn something new. And I was benefitted mainly from the discussion about the way to present our video work. I have seldom thought about the importance in the way of presenting after being in 4D pathway, it’s interesting to find a place to present our sculpture cause the light, shadow, and the relationships of work and other objects can give us totally different genuine feelings in different ways. But I wandered how it affects in work with no real size, quantity and weight. It reminds me of the extent of darkness can change our emotion directly. So maybe the size of frame, the proportion of the frame can affect the visual feelings.

That can be also thought when we choose types and sizes of paper in graphic work like painting and photography. But what is different in video work in that the light is really another important factor. When we see exhibitions, it’s common to see the painting work can be place in the room with good lightening. That is why I’d like explore in the ways of presentation of 4D work in the future

Now 4D give me the impression of connecting with new technologies and media very well, the action of preserving lights and shadows can’t develop with the help of technologies.


The obstacles are currently I have no idea about the title of my work. The research about many artists made I realize the importance to give my own work titles, such is Olafur Eliasson, he is very good at identifying his work and made statements. Those are the obstacles I’d like to see turns in the further development.

I look back on the whole process when I work on a project, a title can be the essence of the mainly concept or the combination of the object can be directly seen or felt.

Datafied reading Delete

“Most importantly, though, my aim is to help us take steps to ensure we’ll remember how to forget in the digital age. ”

After reading this article, I have a new perspective on data. Before I could separate information and information security, I did not see the word from the perspective of social influence. I reflect on the thinking mode of artificial intelligence in the information age because of the origin of data.

I began to think about the social impact of things that emerged from the advancement of technology because of the nature of our generation that lived with the information network.

I have many friends around me. Because I am familiar with the properties of the Internet, I will hide my true identity and photos from the beginning. This phenomenon is also very interesting. And I saw in the news that American hackers created a kind of code symbol on the face that could make face recognition invalid, in order to resist the bad influence of data on our privacy.

Datafied reflection

My final outcome was five paintings – colourfield paintings. I want to make painting which reflects my own feelings about data – that data has no emotion and there are differences between human intellectual ability and artificial robots. I am happy with the colours I used in the paintings because I chose colours to show that data is something with no emotion. I think a colour with no emotion is grey because that in the process of computers calculating is totally different from human thinking.

After making the outcome and discuss with peers, I’m not happy with the way of presenting because I didn’t think enough about presenting my point because I was thinking about the work itself. There are more ways of presenting than hanging on the wall (this is what I did). I could have hung it on the ceiling because what data means to me is not a simple way of numbers but something around us everyday so I want the way of presenting can be the work itself.


Then I did more research on presenting and research about data artists.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. He is an electronic artist, develops installations which are at the intersection of architecture and performance art.

Watching his installation Double in Shanghai biennial, he used computers, 58:9 ratio high definition screens, fluid dynamic equations, sequenced DNA of the artist(3.2 billion bases), in order to create a self-portrait.


From his work, I was inspired. For my own work, under the theme of data, whether or not to use electronic equipment is not so important. It is important to use the data thinking mode to output the final outcome.

Datafied reflection

Narrative at current stage means skills to organize sources which I have, with the help of footage and sound, have a destination of creating a feeling or emotion rather than the story itself.


Time-based media means not only length of time being, but also can measure the space.

In the films I have made, it’s interesting to see repeating being a main factor to push narrative and time, when the same material contains different meaning, time and narrative can really happen.

It’s not so important to have people or dialogue, the elements in the film will speak for themselves and so constitute the system.


The most enjoyable thing is an approach I found, which is, at the very beginning of a project, we always have no access to find a concept to express, when this happens, I choose to focus on the phenomenon itself to push the development of further work.  


Datafied painting reflection

This approach was found at the process of my painting, to me, the most interesting topic of part 2 is colorfield painting, at the beginning I have no idea of the final outcome, so try to focus on the color itself is the best solution. Also inspired by Mark Rothko, he named his work sometimes by the color used that we can see. It gave me a new angle of view about fine art, that is expression is not the most important thing, but the process of exploring, the critical way of thinking.

Datafied Reading about The Digital Dialectic

In the beginning of this book the author said “technologies not only provide as with new tools for communication and expressions but also provide a social context for our daily existence.”

“The new sciences and technologies of artificial life and robotics offer possibilities for societies that are a synthesis of human and artificial beings.”



Before this project, I had seldom got insights in data and new technologies. “data” always means just something around me every day and is treated as a tool.

But after reading the book by Peter Lunenfeld, I am inspired by the new definition of the society as a “synthesis” consisted with both data creature and human being.

Datafeld Reflection of James Turrell

He says, “my work has no object, no image and no focus, what are you looking at? You are looking at you looking. What is important to me is to create an experience of wordless thought”


For me, at the current stage of exploring both in media and techniques, James Turrell’s concept really attracted me in the basic way to catch something rather tap what the viewers can see. My exploration in shadows and unfocus photograph has a strong desire to find more in both using media and how to present. James turrell, in some aspects, support my concept and let me see the potential after consistence of visual elements.

We've rented out of your room crit

 In the crit we were separated into groups to view and discuss our work.

It’s really a wonderful day to learn more styles and media used among peers in the class.

This project has much space to develop. First, the editing of the final piece is not so meticulous, I mean, if I have more time, I will choose to edit the original sound and alternate sound with music instruments. In a short time to make sure the style of final work are always the similar, I didn’t use that much scenes, but I’d like to move forward by using more footages in different places and seek for a wider incitements in feelings and emotions and be deeper in cultural aspects.

We've rented out of your room film

Focused in the channel to collect materials, I try many ways in the daily life during the holiday. From time being, the way of taking camera along the way and record every time I met something correspond to the feeling I am looking for.

In this process I got many digital materials and have many opportunities to try to make up videos.

Also, it’s beyond my anticipate to see that at the same time I took videos, some emotion effect, such as when I saw a tree which had witnessed my childhood then the footage I made would be totally different from someone who never saw the tree. So that I found a new method of expression, that is, attach your emotion to your own secret objects with memories and emotions. That will help and at the same time when the digital vedio  being displayed, the viewers can respond sympathetically.

We've rented out of your room concept

Started from the form of water, I got the chance to look back to some pieces of footage shoot of water in London. The different forms of wave and types of color shows interesting feature between “home” and other places.

It reminds me of having insights into the object conditions in geography, environment and so on.

The appearance of the objects in the film can speak for itself, that is the most important concept I have.

This is also a important turning point in the process of my internal development in expression of sharing feelings by use footage and sounds. 

We've rented out of your room brainstorming

Home always means cultural identity to me.

I focused on the object in this process which is “water”. The most important concept now is the same thing in different locations contains different meaning cause sense of maintenance.

We always have a unique feeling for the places that we are familiar with, which is called 乡愁 in china. So after the brainstorming in the first day I went back home, I’d like to use digital media to record my experiences of coming back in order to seek for the best way to keep the “feeling” at the same time.

“Your room” for me is not only the real bedroom, but also spaces in which create a feeling or emotion in certain scenes.


Today I was inspired a lot during the crit. Considering about both the context and the way of presenting, we were divided into groups to discuss. In my work I showed them the animation and listened to them carefully. It was really interesting to see the elements in my animation being thought to contain different meanings. One of my classmates said it reminded her of the relationship between two people in love. Someone else said she thought of human nature like the birth of life and finally come to one. Those points were all practical to me. I rethought about my work and identify it with my own way in which the different colors and the ball represented inner and outer space of myself. The process of color mixture and gradual change reflects the relationship between me and the world.

To me, the reaction from audience is the most impressive feedback after criticue. I expected for different interpretation so I didn't tell the meaning of my work at the very beginning. What my classmates mentioned in discussion gave me inspiration to continue polishing my work up and add more footage by using painting in animation for more reactions.

A&A(second animation)

I used Premiere to make the animation. It's more like a longer stop motion animation. During editing the animation, the length of each frame lasts confused me a lot. After trying different lengths, I finally chose to put each picture 0.04 second.

Also, I tried to repeat some of the footage in order to create a mood. I expected for the statement of viewers in crit wo see whether the repeating make sense or not.

Limited by time, I just worked out an animation without background music. I will improve the edition by putting rhymes as well in future.

A&A(animation sample)

After making conceptual drawings, I have a mind of using drawing as medium to make continuous footage to express a process of searching for personal identity rather than using still frame. After discussing with tutor, I finally decided to make an animation.

Before creating the final outcome, I made a stop motion animation to simply put series sketches together in order to see the effect.

The short stop motion animation was interesting. During the process, I found it hard to put the same element in a new frame in the right position like the previous painting. I will seek for resolution in the following experiments.

A&A(conceptual drawing)

Making some conceptual drawings in my sketchbook, I chose to using different visual elements to represent ego and inner&outer world.

In the process of painting, I found it not easy to transfer the concept from consciousness into visual outcome. I made drawings out of unconsciousness at the very beginning. This made sense and I extracted visual elements to combine some new painting,

I was not so good at painting the concrete frames of objects or people. And the abstract lines and colors can be hardly explained to viewers. That is the most confusing question for me at the moment.

A&A(first day crit)

After printing the series of photos we discuss to decide where to present our work. However, time limits, we can't try more ways to present our work, so we just simply present our work on a desk.

We came to discuss about another group's work. They presented pictures on the window so we can see the reaction between outdoor lights and color of photo. They use low speed of shutter in order to record the moving locus of body. Some of the pictures are very successfully express the feminism as well as the concepts of subconsciousness from our point of view.

We also discussed about the order of all photographs. We can see they manage their works in a way like telling a story. That is what I need to learn in my own work.

The body color is very attractive as they use light pink, and the blurring figure also makes sense.

I rethought about our work and was reminded of using more techniques of camera to express. Also, the relationship between post production and original photograph needs to be seperate in my work. Sometimes I am overly focused on the post production and overlook the importance of the using the original camera techniques.

A&A(first day)

We were devoted into using body to perform in groups. After discussing, our group chose to perform ,measure room with body, measure body with body, replace furniture with body and three verbs with body. 

It's very interesting to think of which role I should play in performing with body, especially when it comes to a group work. We quickly used body to create a sofa and desk to replace the objects in the classroom. Beginning with making practical use of body made tasks following easier to go through. We tried the other tasks and were tacit.

We present the series of photos. There was a problem that the original tone of each photo was affected by different lights in different scenes, so we chose to change parameter to attach an order between each photo.


Witness(research Denis Beaubois)

"The performers actions were directed to the camera which adopted the role of audience.  No permission was sought for the use of these sites.  The performer arrived unannounced and carried out his actions.  Within this urban context there exists an interplay between what I have termed as the “primary and secondary audience”.  The primary audience is a targeted audience, a person or congregation who is willing to observe and assess."


Still using painting in the beginning of the project. Witness in my concept can express

The drama “peony pavilion” is where the inspiration from after painting.

游园惊梦” is a traditional Chinese drama based on the story happened in peony pavilion between two young lovers, but after all, the author said, it’s like a dream. It depicts a love story between Du Lining and Liu Mengmei, overcomes all difficulties, transcending time and space, life and death, and finally get together. Scenes of love in dreams, Du Liniang’s revival, or any supernatural element seem absurd in play, but it reflects the sprout of humanism, through protagonists’ strong desire and unremitting pursuit of free love, and uncovers the degeneracy of the society under feudalism at that time.